Go Get That Grass!

While the development of Contact Sam Cruise has slowed down a tad of late, my compilers have not been entirely idle. Oh no. Here, for example, is a polished-up version of a game that’s been sitting on my hard drive for about a year. It’s a remake of Advanced Lawnmower Simulator 2000 for mobile phones. Hurrah, eh?

It's ALS all over again! Hurrah!

You can either download these two files here…


…or you can point your actual mobile phone at just the first link, and it should all work. (Assuming, of course, that your mobile phone supports Java.) Oh, and just so you know, if the game suddenly freezes, that’s not a bug. That’s a feature.


  1. Ah, I should probably have mentioned that it needs a phone that supports MIDP 1.1. (I think.) Or maybe it’s something else that your phone doesn’t support. Still, it’s a nice screenshot, isn’t it?

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