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Go Get That Grass!

April 30, 2007 Nathan 4

While the development of Contact Sam Cruise has slowed down a tad of late, my compilers have not been entirely idle. Oh no. Here, for […]

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Strange But True

April 29, 2007 Nathan 4

When you’re out for a few drinks, you sometimes see some strange and bizarre things. You don’t generally expect to see them when you get […]

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The Last Sinclair

April 26, 2007 Nathan 3

Sir Clive has always been into portable devices. You’ve only got to look at, well, anything he’s ever done. From the matchbox-sized television to the […]

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Trainspotters Through History

April 23, 2007 Nathan 0

Number 15 – Dick Cheney The Vice-President at a model railroad conference, displaying the British Rail CL37 locomotive. “The Spectrum? What the hell is that? […]