Through The Drinking Glass

You know the Wurzels?

Not personally.

You know of them, though?

I am aware of their existence and have a passing knowledge of their recording history.

I reckon they’re about due for a comeback.

That seems rather unlikely.

No, think about it. For years we’ve derided the mainstream pop industry for churning out cover after cover and simply adding a drum’n’bass backbeat. Well, all the good stuff’s been nearly used up. It’s only a matter of time before somebody is forced to either sample the Wurzels in a rap song, or directly cover a Wurzels track.

I see your logic. But I don’t see where the Wurzels comeback fits in.

Whenever anyone gets sampled or covered, there’s a brief resurgence of interest in the original artist. Normally this extends as far as a tabloid story about how a combination of drugs and alcohol has melted their brain, leaving them a penniless wreck living in a bedsit in Swindon or something.

The Wurzels aren’t exactly well-known for their rock’n’roll lifestyle.

Exactly. When the media resurgence hits them, they’ll be perfectly placed to reveal a new album and launch themselves back into the pop stratosphere.

It’s a reasonable theory, I suppose, but there’s one problem – nobody likes the Wurzels.

Ah, I’ve thought about that, too.

I rather thought you might have.

As is now recommended practice, the Wurzels can release an album full of covers of other people’s tracks.

But who could they possibly cover? Linkin Park? Eminem?

No – Kylie.


Yes. Think about it.

Hmmm. ‘Oi just can’t get you out of moi ‘ead/Boy your lovin’ is all oi think about…’

Do you see?

Yes. It is a plan of greatness. Have you considered ever going into the music industry yourself?

Me? Nah. Too many weirdos in that game. Another round?



  1. I did read a month or so ago that they were planning to re-release “I am a cider drinker”. I haven’t heard it on the radio recently (or at all, come to think about it), although bizarrely my radio did tune itself, a number of weeks ago, into a station that had just started playing Ernie – the fastest milkman in the west.

  2. Rather annoyingly, I just discovered they played a gig in Bristol last Thursday. If I’d only known I could have set them back on the path to pop stardom! (Still, they’re back again next month – I’ll catch them then.)

    And it sounds like your radio might be possessed. How does it respond to nurses?

  3. Know when you wake up in the middle of the night, suddenly remembering something that you were trying to recall several hours earlier? Well, that just happened to me, minus the sleeping part.

    The radio station I believe was Touch FM, which isn’t the sort of thing I would normally listen to (I’m assuming here that the programme content is as dodgy as the name suggests).

    As for it retuning itself – I blame Thatcher (she doesn’t get blamed for enough these days), but it was probably the RDS function detecting that Benny Hill was playing elsewhere, and (disturbingly correctly) deciding that I might want to listen to it.

  4. Know the wurzels.

    Actually..once of them is called pete budd (the front man & I am freinds with his cousin. Well actually his cousins son. His cousin is called Brian Budd and I’m mates with jeff. the budds are scattered all over the country.
    And they all look similar in that sort of west country oo arr sort of way. very strange.
    Jeff alas isn’t a spectrum fan but was impressed with the cpc computers.

  5. My dad knows Pete Bud. Used to play drums with him too possibly.

    Ask your cousin if he knows of Roy Dell. He was quite popular around the Bristol music scene a while back, playing at the Patchway Labour club, St Annes Boardmills club among others.

    Also played with a Sheffield guy called Jimmy Crawford – who went on to make it reasonably big, especially in Australia.

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