It’s Your Birthday!

Well, it might be as you read this.

But it certainly was Nathan’s birthday on Wednesday, which might have passed people by as they were gingerly recovering from the night before. And, er, maybe the week or so before that.

Anyway, here’s to Mr Cross’ 28th year – and he’s well ahead of himself, already being grumpy enough for middle age.


  1. Ah, you’re not grumpy, Nathan!!!
    Letting me go on the computer last night was pretty gosh darn UN-grumpy if you ask me!!!

  2. A belated Happy Birthday to Mr Cross!

    Tea, crumpets and jam scones all round, with lashings of creamy Devon custard!

    (I couldn’t think of anything suitably Bristolian I’m afraid – the closest I could get was a Bath Bun, and that was last seen heading towards a Swindon Town fan…)

    So… when’s the next exciting installment of… well anything really! I don’t believe the excuse that with time being two dimensional and space being 4 dimensional, the next update happend last year. I wasn’t born next Tuesday you know! Harrumph!

  3. Mostly I’ve been playing Crysis. (Sad but true.) Also writing a Facebook game, and a book, and the DS version of Target; 2006, and I’ve just spent an hour failing to get memory paging working on the 128. The only way to spread myself any thinner would be to invade Iran. And at my advanced years that’s just not on.

    If anybody finds a way to avoid sleeping without suffering consequences other than the vast amounts of extra free time, do let me know, hm?

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