Chronos – A Disassembly

We all wonder sometimes exactly how a game is put together. Whether it’s just curiosity, or wondering if things could’ve been done better, or if there’s a way to make changes. Well, with the right tools and a bit of effort it’s possible to find out. Let’s take a look at the classic shooter Chronos, and how we can dig up it’s secrets…


Skoolkit is a tool originally built to help disassemble and document the legendary Skooldaze, but it’s been expanded and is equally good for disassembling other games. You can get it from here – the docs will tell you how to set it up.


Chronos was developed by Steven and John Tatlock, and published by Mastertronic in 1987. It’s a classic scrolling shoot-’em-up, with simple gameplay but plenty of game to keep you going. Reason enough to be curious about how it’s put together! My incomplete disassembly is here; it’ll be updated when I find the time, but there’s plenty there to learn from.

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