Trainspotters Through History

Number 16 – Christoph Waltz

Christoph Waltz waiting for the three hours late train to Kings Lynn. Yesterday.

“The ZX Spectrum? I’m not really into cars – especially French ones. No, trains are my thing. The feature that makes me such an effective hunter of trains is, as opposed to most trainspotters, I can think like a train, where they can only think like a trainspotter. Now, if one were to determine what attribute trainspotters show with a beast, it would be the cunning and predatory instinct of a hawk. But if one were to determine what attributes the trains share with a beast, it would be that of the rat. Consider, for a moment, the world a rat lives in. It’s a hostile world, indeed. If a train were to scamper through your front door right now, would you greet it with a saucer of delicious milk? I don’t think so. You don’t really know why you don’t like them; all you know is you find them repulsive. But really it’s just the sandwiches.”

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