Thunderbirds are go!

Or, at least, the Retro Remake competition is (although it’s conceivable that Sir Bob the Cousin might be “go” as well in a Norwegian F-14 or the like).

Yes, that’s right, the Retro Remake competition is officially up and running! Click on those blue words back there to see what me mean, if you’ve not done so already.

From the YS3 camp none other than the Editor himself is hard at work now in the YS3 shed, welding, hammering and programming by the glow of one small, bare electric light, on a fantabulous entry. Those who wish to check it out in due course can look forward to “a Spacewar thing with either glowy vectors or pencil-sketch-style graphics. Indeed. Perhaps like the one seen over Bristol last night…

Why not join the retro remaking shenanigans yourself? There are plenty of classic Speccy games just crying out for a makeover (you can hear them now if you listen carefully) and lots of fantastic goodies to be won in the process.

There can be only one… (er, categories notwithstanding)


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