Random observation

I clicked on ‘Who’s Who’ on the main page because it seems about time I learn who I am. But instead of interesting revelations or scandalous allegations, I was simply taken to a blank space with the message ‘Error on page’.

This could be seen as post-modern irony. Or it could be seen that we’re just crap. Shall we leave it to our 3 1/2 readers to decide?

About Phil 1 Article
Well you could just read this Joystick Jugglers profile, which would save time: http://www.ysrnry.co.uk/ys3/jugglers_phil_robertshaw.html On the other hand, now the world is hearing from me again (the world being a handful of random people who've stumbled upon this, but anyway), I seem to have become embroiled in something of a complicatedly structured sentence. So I'll begin again. Ahem. I wrote for YS3 for a few issues until it went to have a lie down in a darkened room for a while, before re-emerging from the chrysalis as a fully-fledged, beautifully patterned... thing. For some of this time I was living on the French Riviera, specifically in Nice - how's that for dedication? The French Speccy scene was minimal at best, but at least I got a tan (sort of). Hmm, I seem to have managed to write about myself without really writing anything about myself. Phew.


  1. I was initially quite perturbed. There’s nothing wrong with that page! Why, it’s a fine example of the writing craft! I was going to write a stroppy comment and everything, insulting both the quality of your web browsing device and, indeed, your general web browsing ability. And then I checked the page, and it didn’t work.

    Funny thing is, it works just fine when I’m logged in. It’s just a shame that I already know who everyone is.

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