World of Spectrum Meet and Other Animals

Those of you who are likely to go are no doubt already going, so this post isn’t really to tell you all about it and that hey, maybe you should come down to Oxford with the rest of us It’s more to say that hey, I’m going, and I’m going to find out if maybe there’s a city that has a more depressing shopping centre than Bristol. Of course, knowing my luck I’m going to run into the world’s greatest ever fountain, but still – here’s hoping, eh?

Also, a little update on Target; 2006. I’ve had emails about the Linux version, and frankly – it’s still poorly done and I haven’t got any further with it. And, to be honest, I’d rather be watching The A-Team than messing about with it. But I will get around to it sooner or later! Oh yes!

Of course, a slightly higher priority at the moment is the Nintendo DS version of Target; 2006.

Target; 2006 gets portable!

It’s a better game than the PC versions already, but it isn’t finished yet. There’s features that simply must go into it first. And after that I might just port it all back to the PC again. (Or perhaps get on with writing another game, you never know.)


  1. I didn’t see that particular fountain, sadly. Although I am now tempted to run for election to the local council to have all our existing crappy fountains replaced with them.

    And as for what happened? Read on, gentle reader, read on…

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