Hello World!

Hello! I bid you welcome to the YS3 weblog (or ‘blog’, as I believe the vernacular would have it). Because the thought of filling up a whole issue fills us with terror, the esteemed Mr Jon Hyde and myself (the similarly well-considered Nathan Cross) will be producing YS3 in a slightly less time-consuming manner. (Also, you’ll have slightly less website to read through at a time.)

For those of you who’ve no idea what YS3 is (or was), it is the second sequel to Your Sinclair, the finest magazine ever printed. A web-based magazine, YS3 ran from 1999 to 2002 before real life and other projects devoured all of our time. But, like the Terminator or a half-decent Weeble, we will not be kept down. Stand by for action, folks – anything can happen in the next half hour!

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