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The Longest Cassette Ever

So there I was, with a couple of gigs of Girls Aloud videos and nothing to do with them, when it hit me – why not put it on a Speccy? So I did. (And then YouTube banned it.)

That’s the why. Now for the how.

First, I used VirtualDub to resize the original video and remove the sound. Then I used BMP2SCR to convert the video to a series of files in a .TAP file. Then I used a lightly tweaked version of Gasman’s Samplepack code to convert the audio into a bunch of little files, one for every frame. Then I wrote another quick hack to take those thousands of little audio files and embed them in the already-converted screens, and tweaked Gasman’s sample player to play the newly-arranged data. And then I used VirtualDub again to turn the final output into the above.

Sadly the current .TAP file only works properly on Fuse, but I’m working on a real-time version for the +3e that’s so close to working it’s annoying.