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Adventures in Oxford

October 26, 2007 Nathan 3

The story so far: Nathan and Jon are outside Oxford’s train station, wondering how to pay a quick visit to a friend who lives somewhere […]

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After Action Report

October 23, 2007 Nathan 3

So, Saturday was the day of the Spec-chum gathering in Oxford. Both myself and mysterious background ‘fixer’ for YS3, Mr Jonathan Hyde, were in attendance. […]

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Jim Langmead

June 9, 2007 Nathan 0

So, I was popping over to World of Spectrum to get release info for the latest installment of the Complete Guide when I discovered this. […]

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Trainspotters Through History

April 23, 2007 Nathan 0

Number 15 – Dick Cheney The Vice-President at a model railroad conference, displaying the British Rail CL37 locomotive. “The Spectrum? What the hell is that? […]