A Postcard from Australia

Helloooo! Having a lovely time! Wish you were here! How’s the weather? Say hello to the cat lady for me and make sure she has enough kit-e-kat to be going on with. 

So I here I was wondering what on earth I could do as a first post to this new incarnation of YS3 when a rather large clap of thunder made the whole house shake. So much so, that an expertly piled collection of Radiohead and Decemberists CDs toppled over and darned near spilled my iced coffee. Lawkes. But anyway, this is me saying hello and waiting for the Editor to give me an article to write or something.

So what’s new in the Australian World of Spectrums you may ask? Well not a great deal I’m afraid, although the Aussie Speccy scene was agog at Nathan’s Girls Alive wotsit – and we wondered if there was ever any chance of a Speccy video of one of these tremendous Starlingfall videos: http://youtube.com/inkyfeet

There have been muttered plans to reconstitute the plexiglass Loki project (an x86 booting into a nobbled linux.. in a plexiglass case..) but development time has been stolen by Sudoku on the Nintendo DS (the best one appears to be part of the Brain Training cart) and Guitar Hero III.

Anyway my little possums, I must go – Bluey from next door’s brought a slab round and we’re going to crack a tinny or too on the deck whilst waiting for the moo to tan.

xxxx Jeffski

Jeff is a +3 Musketeer, loves Cats, Spectrums and Guitars (in that order), and is part of the wonderful band Starlingfall (http://myspace.com/starlingfall) where he plays guitar and inserts advertispam into as many web pages as he can apparently – though he hasn’t made it to http://strangespam.blogspot.com/ yet!

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  1. This is no way as good as the postcard I received once (I was not the intended recipient), which read something like “Greetings”, followed by what looked like a load of chess moves, then “Bye!”.

  2. Greetings.

    Sending more kit-e-kat.
    Iced coffee spillage averted. Crane Wife saved but Kid A has concussion.
    Flipflop colour of the day: Yellow
    Eat more spuds.

    Rook to queen-bish 3.


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