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And Now A Party Political Broadcast By…

So, the Yanks finally elected somebody who’s not a deranged pseudo-Bible basher. Hurrah, eh? Well, I’m not going to talk about that today. (The mental pygmy’s still in power for another month anyway.) What I’m going to talk about, just for a tiny little bit, is UK politics. (Oh no! The entire world.)

No, wait, come back! It’s only a short post – I know you don’t come here for anything even remotely serious. I’d just like to ask those of you who are eligible to do me a favour and make sure you’re registered for our next general election. (It’s not for a while yet, so you’ve got plenty of time.) Then I’d like you to vote for anybody but Labour. Ideally the Tories, because that way we’re not only more likely to get rid of our current overlords, but also to get some people in who actually understand how money works. I have but one reason – the ID card scheme. If this whole ID card scheme goes ahead, I will inevitably be arrested and put in prison, because I refuse to be a number. (This will also mean that the chances of me finishing reviewing every Spectrum game ever will be drastically reduced, so there’s a little something in it for you folks too.)

That is all. In return for your patience, I shall now go and review some games.