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Facebook YS group

Try to ignore your initial revulsion at the word Facebook – suggested slogan: ‘It’s crap ! (in an annoyingly addictive kind of way)’ – and read on. Yes, I know, this ‘social networking’ site seems to be taking over the world but there are a few meritorious features, not least the ability to play Jetman all over again.

 Recently I came across the Your Sinclair Preservation Society group. Ex-deputy ed. Pete Shaw is a member, but it will give you some idea of its current size when I mention that as I write, half of its membership has been on the staff of YS3. Not huge, then, but bigger than the entire YS3 readership for some issues.

Facebook members, take this call to arms, join the Your Sinclair Preservation Society and encourage everyone you know to do so as well, if necessary by singing ‘this is the YS preservation society’  at them repeatedly until they join it just to shut you up. The crappest mag ever lives on!